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Hi, I have an order pending of payment, how can i process the payment? (2024-06-13)

Re:We will contact you by email, thanks for your order.


Can you get Norsemen TV Series? It was a historical comedy which ran for 3 series 2016-20 on Netflix and NRK1.(2024-06-11)

Re:That TV series seems to have another name: Vikingane, Please contact us by email,thanks!


Hello! I have been building an order for a few weeks now and I am waiting for the first season of the new show Knuckles to be available. Is this a title you will be carrying? Thank you!(2024-05-07)

Re:Please be patient, we are looking forward to it. Thanks!


Hello sir ! Regarding order order2411520522, do you ship to Finland with tracking number, can I pay by paypal ? Can you make the proforma invoice as total value 2 EUR ? Thanks and looking forward to your response. I also sent a e-mail to aoerway sales and service (2024-01-15)

Re:Yes, we can ship orders parcels to Finland, please contact us: Thanks!

Brian Ridley

About the Ragnarok Netflix series - did you know that have an English audio version and Norwegian with English subtitles? But they are more expensive and only have the first two seasons in stock at this time. (I just thought you might like to know this, if it helps.)(2023-11-26)

Re:It might be worth looking forward to,Thanks for your feedback.

Brian Ridley

I got the order, Witcher: Blood Origin and Loki 2 great service and delivery. Thanks. I would also like to ask a question: Will you be getting Netflix series Ragnarok 1 - 3 in stock?(2023-11-25)

Re:Ragnarok: Season1-3, Language: Norwegian, not suitable for the general public. So we don't make a Blu-ray version. Very regrettable.


Every time I try to enter my street address, I get an error. I had to enter my information one word at a time and submit, otherwise I get an error. Now my address is not complete.(2023-11-07)

Re:We can help you fill in the address, please contact our customer service: Thanks!


Glitch the Australian series on Netflix(2023-09-13)

Re:Can't get the TV series. Sorry!

Tony Lee

Got my first order. Top quality blu-rays, and fast delivery to UK. Thanks!(2023-06-15)

Re:Thank you for your feedback and please share it with your friends.Thanks!


Hi Do you ship Blu-rays to the UK? Thanks Ian(2023-06-13)

Re:Yes, we can ship parcel to UK.Please rest assured to submit your order. Thanks!


Are you going to do Tidelands or Hemlock Grove by Netflix(2023-04-18)

Re:We made Blu-rays a long time ago, but it's out of stock. Sorry!


Why do my orders continue to be invalid? Ask for help.(2023-04-15)

Re:We checked your account, you placed the order but long time did not pay, so your account has been reduce credit and locked. Please note: A invalid order will prevent you from placing an order on our website again.

William Cutting

Hello! On Feb. 15, I ordered 2321583120. Is my order, on the way? If not, how do I get the order, on the way, and in the mail?(2023-03-24)

Re:We contacted you by email, but did not get any reply. Please check your email. Please also remember our customer service email:, thanks!


Order arrived quickly, excellent service. Thank you very much.(2023-01-14)

Re:Thank you for your feedback and please share it with your friends.


Are you going to do Marco Polo on bluray(2022-12-14)

Re:Please provide more movie information, such as release year, director or distribution company, and then contact our customer service:, thanks!


I love your site and service! I just placed my seventh order!!! I am looking for the NetFlix animated movie Seal Team ( to add to my collection. Please see if this can be made available. Thank you!(2022-11-26)

Re:Sorry, we didn't release this Blu-ray. Contact us for faster response: Thanks!


Hi I’m trying to purchase a movie on your site it says you can use PayPal but I don’t see it on your site as a option (2022-10-06)

Re:We have email to you about how to pay the order, please pay attention to your registered email. Thanks!


Can you get the film Saloum on blu ray?? It is in the top watched films on Shudder and has excellent reviews. Thanks(2022-10-01)

Re:Can't get it now, Thank you for your feedback.


Can you get the hulu series Sirens about mermaids and also the netflix show Tideland about Mermaids. Preferably in Blu-ray(2022-09-27)

Re:Can't get them now, please keep following on our website, there may be unexpected surprises! Thanks!


You all made fantastic quality products! Will definitely be making another purchase soon!(2022-09-18)

Re:Thanks for your feedback and welcome to come back again!

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